CD Automation - Soft Starter Family
Soft Starter

CD Automation Soft Starters are designed to drive three phase, three wire, squirrel cage induction motors, providing a reliable, efficient and energy saving solution for the industrial use of electric motors.

CD Automation - SCR Power Controller CUSTOM FAMILY
Custom Family | CD3000

This products range has been designed with these targets: • Basic product able to satisfy OEM needs • Basic Options like Analogue input and Heather Break Alarm • Easy to be used rugged and very reliable • Possibility to be customized with OEM logo • Manuals available in neutral version whithout CD Brand • Plastic parts in light and dark grey for covers • Competive pricing where quantity are available

CD Automation - SCR Power Controller MULTIDRIVE FAMILY

MULTIDRIVE is a Full digital and universal Thyristor unit based on a very powerful dedicated micro configurable via serial communication port for all inputs, firing modes, control modes and loads types.
Suitable to drive resistive, inductive, transformer and complex loads requiring current limit and power control mode.

General Catalogue 2015

CD Automation - SCR Power Controller General Catalogue

Custom Catalogue 2015

CD Automation - SCR Power Controller Custom Catalogue

Soft Starter Catalogue 2015

CD Automation - Soft Starter Catalogue

Product Range 2015

CD Automation - SCR Power Controller Product Range Catalogue

CD Automation – Who we are?

CD Automation was founded in 1987 with the clear strategy of becoming a leading supplier of quality industrial automation products to the Italian martket. Key to this success was the formation of a sales team educated from a strong technical background. The philosopy was simple; provide product & application experts able to work in partnership with customer to find the right solution. CD Automation offers a wide range of products among the most sophisticated in the world for loads up to 3000kW in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase, such as  SCR Power Controller , Soft Starter, A technical excellence due to the know-how of our R & D sector. Solid state relay and temperature controller : our must is: “sell solution“.In order to do this it was necessary to add product lines that result all the bricks automation necessary to meet application required in the field of plastic materials, ovens, textile industry, ecc…

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