CD Automation

Complete solution for industrial temperature control

CD Automation offers a wide range of products among the most sophisticated in the world for loads up to 3000kW in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase, such as SCR Power Controller, Soft Starter, Solid state relay and temperature controller.

Static relay with heatsink and integrated fuse

The static relays (single-phase or three-phase) of the Revo S Family are designed to last longer thanks to heat sinks inside the thyristor unit of the right size; They can be connected to the Revo PC system for multi-zone management, reducing to a minimum the energy costs.

Quick Delivery

Labor reduction

Longer product life

Easy choice of size

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    Quick delivery

    CD Automation guarantees quick deliveries for batches of 50 and 100 SSR Relays

    Labor reduction

    Strong reduction in wiring and overall dimensions compared to traditional systems. The main components of the power part are already included within each module. You will only need to wire the incoming wires for each managed and output phase for each element. Depending on the version, you can have the extra-rapid fuse and the current transformer integrated without having to wire them.


    Longer product life

    The CDR SSR relays are reliable over time and last 100% longer than others on the market


    Easy choice of size

    The CD automation static relays are well sized, no need to oversize them or read complicated graphics to choose the right size

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    REVO S application areas

    Extrusion and injection lines

    Oil & Gas


    Infrared lamps

    Steel heating treatment

    SiC heaters

    Wood Finishing

    MoSi2 heaters

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