Multidrive 2PH 275-500A, Vmax=690V, Size=s14
MULTIDRIVE is a Full digital and universal Thyristor unit based on a very powerful dedicated micro configurable via serial communication port for all inputs, firing modes, control modes and loads types.
* Suitable to drive resistive, inductive, transformer with normal resistor
* Two legs switching three wires loads STAR or DELTA connection
* Frontal Key Pad standard to configure all the internal functions and parameters.
* Four Analog output configurable
* Six Digital input
* Four realay output
* Universal Input signal with automatic zero/span calibration.
* Universal Firing modes, customer configurable via Key Pad or communication port as Burst Firing or Delayed Triggering
* Universal Feed back modes
* Unbalanced load and Heater Break Alarm.
* RS 485 port. Modbus protocol
* Comply with EMC
* IP20 Protection

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Informazioni aggiuntive

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