Save Space = Save Money

An innovative engineering solution that will dramatically save wiring & labor

With a reduction of 50% space, it’s easy to save hundreds off the cabinet price.

Left side (Traditional)

Mounted on the baseplate are a Fuse & Fuseholder, 40A Solid State Relay and a Current Transformer.

Right side (Innovative)

Mounted on the same baseplate are two Relay 40A units, each having the same components as the traditional unit.

This simple example demonstrates a 50% saving of panel space.

The new REVO S Family:

Can be put together with little technical knowledge

  • SSR Solid State Relay with Zero Crossing
  • SSR Solid State Relay + Fuse & Fuse Holder
  • SSR Solid State Relay + Fuse & Fuse Holder + Current Transformer and Heather Break Alarm
  • Different versions with or without heatsink
  • Single and three phase thyristor units


  • Heater Break Alarm for partial or total load failure
  • Analog Input and Burst Firing
  • Thyristor short circuit failure
  • Connecting with REVO PC will remove power peaks and add communications








Key benefits include:

  • Space reduction of 50%
  • Labour reduction of 1 hour per control zone
  • High reliability
  • If one zone fails a non-technical user can substitute it with spare units in few seconds

What REVO offers?

  • Modularity of its components
  • Configurability that allows increased product performance
  • REVO's "value-add" capable of saving 50% of labour and space
  • Innovation based on knowledge of process
  • International assistance from around the world via trained distributors and joint venture multi-national companies
  • Dynamic organization with total customer flexibility at the core of its philosophy

REVO is a system not a simple product

  • Includes all key component of a typical temperature control zone
  • Wiring & mounting accessories included
  • Designed as a total block of automation