CD3000S 1PH

Technical Specification
  • Voltage power supply: 24V min, 480V Max, 600V on request
  • Input Signal: SSR , Analog 4÷20mA and 0÷10V is available as an option on units from 15A÷90A included
  • Firing: Zero crossing ZC / Burst Firing
  • Fan Voltage: Supply 230V ± 15% (110V is available as an option)
  • Heater Break Alarm: Discrimination better than 20%. * Circuit microprocessor based to diagnose partial or total load failure and short circuit on Thyristor. * Latching alarm plus reset. * Relay output 1A at 230V. * Automatic calibration of one or more unit at the same time using a dedicated digital input or using for each unit the calibration button.
  • Approvals: EMC; cULus available as an option on basic units
  • Mounting: Din rail mounting up to 90A included, bulkhead over 110A, IP20 protection
  • Operating Temperature: 0÷40° up to 90A included (for higher temperature see the derating curve)

General Details

CD3000S 1PH

From 10A to 90A

General description

CD3000S 1PH is a compact low cost family of solid state switches designd to replace contactors

  • Single-phase thyristor units up to 90A.
  • Applicable for resistive loads and infrared lamp.
  • Zero crossing firing available with logic input signal (SSR)
  • Constant current drain with SSR input
  • Analog input 4÷20mA or 0÷10V with burst firing 4, 8 or 16 cycle at 50% power demand, is available as an option from 15A to 90A
  • Heater break alarm (HB) to diagnostic partial or total load failure and short circuit on thyristor, is available as an option from 15A to 90A
  • Side by side mounting
  • Special design for heatsink with high dissipation
  • IP20 protection
  • Comply with EMC specification CE and cUL

Downloag Catalog

Heater Break Alarm (HB)

  • Microprocessor based circuit
  • Self learning of current set, via external command or push button on front unit.
  • Load break diagnostic with alarm latch.
  • Thyristor short circuit diagnostic.
  • Alarm reset function and possibility to auto reset the alarm if the normal working condition is restored.
  • Alarm output with free voltage contact.
  • Available from 15A÷90A incl.
  • Full insulation between SSR output coming from controller/multi loop and power supply, no common zero in our unit.
  • Easy and fast substitution/calibrate of the unit (also not expert people can do it easy).

Burst Firing (BF)

  • This firing performed in digital mode in our unit gives a lot advantage because switch thyristor faster than normal ZC and at the same time without EMC interferences.
  • Analog input is necessary for BF and can be decided how many complete cycles we want at 50% of power demand.
  • On CD3000S this value can be 4, 8, 16.

CD3000S – 2x10A 240V

  • CD3000S 2×10 has been designed to drive two loads with 10A current and 240V max line voltage.
  • The units provides two isulated independent SSR input circuit
  • Zero crossing firing.
  • Very compact unit with high-density mounting side by side to reduce cabinet dimension and price.
  • High efficient heatsink with chimney effect.
  • Easy accessible control circuit board on front unit.
Code / Size

CD3000S 1PH – Order Code

CD3000S 1PH – Size & Dimensions


CD3000S 1PH – Documentation


ENG CD3000S-1PH-10-90A

USER'S MANUAL CD3000S 1PH from 10 to 90A (M-3000S1-10-90)

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FRA CD3000S-1PH-10-90A

MANUEL D’UTILISATION CD3000s 1PH de 10 à 90A (M-3000S1-10-90)

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GER CD3000S-1PH-10-90A

Bedienungsanleitung CD3000S 1PH von 10 bis 90A (M-3000S1-10-90)

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ITA CD3000S-1PH-10-90A

MANUALE D'USO CD3000S 1PH da 10 a 90A (M-3000S1-10-90)

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