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Complete solution for industrial temperature control

CD Automation offers a wide range of products among the most sophisticated in the world for loads up to 3000kW in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase, such as SCR Power Controller, Soft Starter, Solid state relay and temperature controller.

REVO PC reduce power peaks and maximise your savings

The REVO PC unit is designed to handle applications with multiple zones. This enhanced unit, thanks to a particular algorithm, minimizes your energy costs through the synchronization and the power limit for each zone.

REVO PC keeps your instantaneous power within the limits of your electricity supply contract.

Created specifically for industrial multi-zone applications, REVO PC can be configured to control up to 24 channels/zones. Each zone can be sized from 30A up to 800A (REVO S Family with SSR input and Random Firing).

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REVO PC application areas

Extrusion and injection lines

Oil & Gas

Glass industry

Infrared lamps

Steel heating treatment

SiC heaters

Wood finishing

MoSi2 heaters

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