SCR Power Controller & SSR Product Lines
Units Up to 690V/2700A
SCR Power Controller & SSR Product Lines

Famiglia REVO S

Famiglia REVO C

Famiglia REVO TC

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REVO S FAMILY from 3,5 to 800A

  • The family is available in 1-2-3 phase Units
  • Nominal Voltage 480-600-690V
  • Input: SSR or Analog Inputs
  • Firing: Burst Firing (Fast Zero Crossing)
  • Heater Break: Alarm to diagnostic Partial or Total Load Failure and Thyristor Short Circuit
  • Its features are able to satisfy the simple application where the communication is not required
  • Fuse and Fuse Holder up to 40A
  • Fixed Fuses from 60 to 800A
  • Internal Fuses reduce your labor and dimension of cabinet
  • 100 KA Short Circuit Current (SCCR) Tested
  • CE and cUL approved

SAVE MONEY! Use REVO S, a real added value product

REVO C CONNECT a real universal unit from 30 to 800A

  • REVO C is a communicating family with following main features
  • Capability to drive 1 phase or 3 phase loads using 1-2 or 3 leg
  • Nominal Voltage 480-600-690V
  • 100 KA Short Circuit Current (SCCR) Tested
  • Fuse and Fuse Holder up to 40A
  • Fixed Fuses from 60 to 800A
  • Internal Fuses reduce your labor and dimension of cabinet
  • All the most popular FieldBus mounted on internal unit board
  • Propretary APP to communicate with Apple and Android Smartphone system
  • Download it from Google market or Apple store free of charge
  • All input signal selectable via PC or OLED display
  • All Firing types selectable with capability to switch from one firing to another one while the unit is controlling Power to the load
  • All Control Mode / Feed Back selectable while the unit is working
  • CE and cUL approved

REMOTE SERVICE from our desk to customer Thyristor unit in the field and you will never be alone!

REVO PN multichannel thyristor units
Designed specifically for industrial multi-zone applications, REVO PN can beconfigured to control between 4 and 24 channels/zones. Typically each zone is sized for 25A but by using the front panel connector, loads of up to 210A can be connected. Important power control functionality is offered by REVO PN including:

  • Elimination of power overshoot
  • Power factor maintained close to 1
  • Keeps your instantaneous power within the limits of your electricity supply contract
  • Stay connected with the most popular Field Bus protocols
  • Eliminate use of PLC output modules by using comms for Power to CPU connections
  • Alarm notification per zone of heater break and thyristor short circuit
  • Product footprint for 24 zone package 60% less than using standard thyristor stacks
  • Dramatic savings with less wiring & smaller cabinet enclosures
  • REVO PN’s considered design not only helps you save start-up costs but ensures you keep on saving money throughout the products lifetime.

REVO TC PID temperature controller
The new REVO TC is an integrated solution that offers many advantages

  • PID Temperature controller with 4 Output
  • Fuse & Fuse holder
  • Solid state relay
  • Current Transformer
  • Single loop Integrity
  • Dramatic reduction for wiring using multiple cable
  • Reduction of space saving cabinet cost

REVO PC power controller

  • Multi Channel Power Control
  • Suitable to communicate with PLC & Multiloop
  • Dedicated to solve applications
  • Space & wiring reduction
  • Most popular Field Bus available
  • CE EMC and cUL® listed
  • Elimination of power shoot
  • Power factor maintained close to 1


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