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CD Automation offers a wide range of products among the most sophisticated in the world for loads up to 3000kW in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase, such as SCR Power Controller, Soft Starter, Solid state relay and temperature controller.

Thyristor REVO C Connect unit with Wifi

Monitoring and remote assistance via Smartphone & App to simplify the management of your system

    Assistenza tecnica

The REVO C Connect SCR Power Controller are the innovation of CD Automation designed to revolutionize thyristor units for electric heating. These are static relays available in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase versions that not only boast maximum reliability, but also feature:

  • display for a quick and easy configuration
  • datalogging on memory card with 10 user selectable parameters
  • SCR short circuit alarm and interrupted load
  • fuses and integrated heat sinks for a better compactness of the units.

The real strength of REVO C, however, is the ability to configure the unit and monitor it not only via fieldbus, but also through your smartphone or tablet thanks to the integrated WI-FI.

In addition, the App Remote service for Ios and Android will allow you to monitor the unit and process variables in real time, but above all, to get a prompt assistance remotely worldwide from our engineers in case of need .


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    Control of special heating elements
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    • Industrial electric resistors
    • Infrared and UV heaters
    • Inductive loads and transformers
    • Special SiC and MoSi2 elements for high temperature ovens
    Space and wiring reduction
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    • Integrated fuses and dissipators for better unit compactness
    • Internal transformers for the diagnosis of the interrupted load
    UL508 certification
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    The REVO C series of thyristor units is equipped with the new UL 508 certification, which not only reduces the associated costs of plant certification, but also shortens the time required to complete the project. Certification is available on units from 30 up to 700A, in versions 1-2-3PH and with maximum voltages of 480V and 600V.

    REVO C application areas

    Infrared lamps

    Steel heating treatment

    Glass industry

    Extrusion and injection lines

    Oil & Gas

    SiC heaters

    Wood finishing

    MoSi2 heaters

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