Why choose REVO?

We designed a superior product

With the market place becoming more competitive we had a choice to make. Design a product a little cheaper but possibly not as good, or design a new innovative product where its added value is clear for all to see. We chose the latter, in line with our long-term philosophy.

No Compromise

  • Heatsink and thyristor junctions generously sized to guarantee a long life for the thyristor unit
  • Units working at low junction thyristor temperature with 20% margin on max temperature
  • Strong connection design between the block terminal and thyristor semiconductor connection allows for generous sizing
  • All the copper connections treated against oxidation
  • Rugged construction for electronic and plastic parts
  • Protection against over voltage

Have a closer look

Open a CD Automation thyristor unit and any of our competitors, you will discover the difference and see why we can offer a longer life warranty (see below tab).

Do not be satisfied to say that the unit you bought works, but ask yourself how long it will work.