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Processi di termoformatura efficienti e sicuri con le unità REVO PN e REVO PC

Efficient and safe thermoforming processes with REVO PN and REVO PC units

In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by objects made by plastic manufacturing processes, one of which is the thermoforming operation. This is a production process that provides versatile solutions for various applications. As you can partly guess from the terminology, this requires proper thermoregulation and power management, areas in which CD Automation stands out for its preparation, professionalism and experience. Thermoforming: a thermal operation Thermoforming is a plastic production

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Soluzioni CD Automation per asciugatura verinici

Paint drying with infrared: a ‘gallery’ of solutions from CD Automation

CD Automation manufactures top-quality thyristor power units for the efficiency enhancement of industrial processes that require precise power and temperature control monitoring. These units are used in a variety of sectors, including the many applications using infrared lamps. We have previously dealt with the professionalism with which CD Automation accompanies its customers engaged in stretch blow moulding processes. An operation in which infrared lamps play a major role. The same

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REVO C 3PH per il trattamento termico dei metalli

A universal power controller for heat treatment of metals: REVO C 3PH

Over the decades, the manufacturing industry has learnt how to process metals and alloys in order to obtain products which meet different needs. Working on properties such as strength, elasticity, ductility and hardness, through heat treatment, has in fact favoured technological improvement and the spread of metals and metal alloys in many sectors. Let us first define what the heat treatment process of metals is, guided by the experience and

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Unità per il controllo della potenza nell'industria dello stiro soffiaggio

Control of infrared lamp: the role of CD Automation in stretch blow moulding processes

Processes involving thermoplastics are always carefully studied by CD Automation in order to provide partners with customised power quality projects aimed at the efficiency and greater sustainability of such processes. In this article we will try to look at a further plastics processing operation, which makes it possible to produce a variety of hollow-body items: blow molding. In more detail, we will describe the stretch blow moulding process and the

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CD Automation’s commitment to the management of heating elements in the glass industry

Coinciding with the International Year of Glass, industry professionals met after four long years in Düsseldorf for Glasstec, the international trade fair dedicated to glass technology and the glass industry, taking place from 20 to 23 September 2022. Exhibitors presented the latest innovations in glass production, processing and finishing technologies as well as new product ranges and applications with glass. Hot topic of Glasstec Glasstec qualifies as the largest global

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Energy efficiency in the food industry

The Italian food sector represents excellence that excels in quality, food safety, cutting-edge technological innovation, sustainability, biodiversity and respect for tradition. Italy is a country characterised by great territorial and climatic diversities that have moulded themselves into exceptionally varied and unique cultures, histories and traditions. These characteristics have led to the formation of a large number of small and large companies that, faced with the impossibility of competing on foreign

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Controllo potenza macchine estrusione materie plastiche

Plastics machinery: how to optimise heating performance?

CD Automation has been committed for over thirty years to helping engineers and system designers reduce plant complexity and costs by integrating temperature control systems based on SSRs for intelligent production. A particularly exciting area for the company, based in Legnano, is the plastics extrusion industry, for which the focus is on optimising heating performance. The stakes Plastics extrusion is a special plastic deformation procedure, aimed at the production of

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Controllo del riscaldamento: configurazione impianti Oil&Gas

Oil&Gas Plants: Heating Control Systems

The petrochemical industry is the sub-sector of industry that is essentially concerned with the manufacture of semi-finished products using natural gas or hydrocarbon fractions generated by the distillation of oil as raw material. CD Automation’s technical department faces the challenges imposed by the industry on a daily basis, offering a whole range of components suitable for the efficient maintenance of the heating control system for oil and gas plants. In

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Ottimizzazione gestione del calore nel settore dei combustibili rinnovabili

The primary role of heating systems in the production of renewable fuels

The complicated geopolitical conjuncture, linked to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and the questioning of fossil fuels, whose role is far from sustainable in view of a green society, are pushing the production of renewable fuels. These fuels are produced from sources that are constantly regenerating and will not run out in the next future. They are made from a combination of different sources: vegetable oils, animal fat, other organic substances and

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Unità di potenza a tiristori per lampade a infrarossi

Infrared lamps: discover CD Automation products

CD Automation, thanks to its 30 years of experience, manufactures thyristor power units of the highest quality, intended for industrial automation and supported internationally by a system of branches and partners of primary importance in the industrial thermoregulation sector. CD Automation products are used in a variety of application areas, including: packaging wood finishing steel heating treatments plastic extrusion glass industry oil & gas UV lamps MoSi2 elements SiC elements

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Regolatori di potenza REVO C per il settore dell'energia eolica

REVO C for wind energy management

Wind energy is more efficient and more widely used than solar energy and can be defined as the kinetic energy produced by the movement of air over the earth’s surface, between areas of high and low pressure. As current growth trends predict, this green energy should, by 2030, cover 20% of global electricity demand, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 3 billion tonnes per year. Power

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prodotti CD Automation per il settore dell'energia solare

Solar energy and the contribution of CD Automation to the industry

In recent years, technological advances in terms of photovoltaic and solar energy systems have reached remarkable levels, which is also why more and more roofs in built-up areas are equipped with photovoltaic and thermal panels due to their increasing efficiency. Solar energy is harnessed by photovoltaic systems: this energy source has the great advantage of being inexhaustible and eco-friendly, as it does not involve any combustion or CO2 emissions. Furthermore,

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Hydrogen: CD Automation and its commitment to zero emissions

Green hydrogen is increasingly playing a strategic role in the transition to green energy: it has excellent qualities as a fuel, chemical agent and energy and storage carrier and has a high potential for use especially in the most difficult sectors to decarbonise such as heavy industries, the chemical industry, and the transport sector. Because of its characteristics, green hydrogen can play a decisive role in a zero-emission world, in

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CD Automation applications in Oil&Gas industry

For more than 30 years, CD Automation has been active in the market for the design and production of electrical power control solutions which can be used to optimise consumption, reduce disturbances on the power grid and control all temperature control zones with a small control cabinet footprint. Among the various sectors in which CD Automation is active, one of the most relevant is the petrochemical industry, which, given the

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