SCR Power Controller for loads up to 3000kW in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase, Soft Starter, SSR,Thyristor
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SCR Power Controller for loads up to 3000kW in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase, Soft Starter, SSR,Thyristor

CD Automation - Soft Starter Family
Motor Soft Starter

CD Automation Soft Starters are designed to drive three phase, three wire, squirrel cage induction motors, providing a reliable, efficient and energy saving solution for the industrial use of electric motors in many application like electric pump, fans, elevators, conveyor and conditioner compressor. There are 2 Families of these Soft Starters STB and STO. STB is the basic version with Ramp Up and Down. STO have same features but with inside an Overload Relay. Both Families have inside the Bypass Relay and both have Kickstart facility (Buster). Kickstart can be setted at 100;200 or 300 millisecond. In addition is available Current Limit on STO model where it’s possible to set a parameter for current limit and current ramp up.

CD Automation - SCR Power Controller MULTIDRIVE FAMILY
SCR Power Controller

As a European manufacturer of SCR (Thyristor) power controllers, CD Automation is well placed to provide a total solution at a competitive price and to suit every need. Whether the load is constant or variable resistance, inductive or transformer coupled, single or three phase, we have the right thyristor power controller to meet your exact requirements. Thyristors & Solid State Relays start at 3A, with numerous sizes up to 2600A and 690Vac. Special features are available to drive: Infra Red Lamp, Quartz Lamp, UV Lamp, MoSi2 Elements and SiC Heaters. SCR Power Controller suitable to drive electric heaters, heating elements, industrial ovens, tubular elements, flange heaters, ceramic heaters, fluid circulation heaters, air heaters, duct heaters, cartridge and band heating elements.

Temperature & Process Controllers

REVO TC (Temperature Controller) is an innovative system to control power and temperature in one unit. The system architecture is optimized for temperature control of multizone plants for plastic extrusion lines and industrial furnaces. REVO TC reduces wiring costs and cabinet size. This integrated unit combines a PID temperature controller, solid state relay (thyristor), quick blow fuse protection and current monitoring, all in a compact single loop package. It is estimated that an immediate saving of 2 hours per loop can be achieved by the reduction in wiring time alone; resulting in significant cost reduction when multiple loops are required. Add to this the material cost, reduced cabinet size due to the smaller footprint, and it’s clear to see how real cost savings can be made.

CD Automation – Who we are?

CD Automation was founded in 1987 with the clear strategy of becoming a leading supplier of quality industrial automation products to the Italian martket. Key to this success was the formation of a sales team educated from a strong technical background. The philosopy was simple; provide product & application experts able to work in partnership with customer to find the right solution. CD Automation offers a wide range of products among the most sophisticated in the world for loads up to 3000kW in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase, such as  SCR Power Controller , Soft Starter, A technical excellence due to the know-how of our R & D sector. Solid state relay and temperature controller : our must is: “sell solution“.In order to do this it was necessary to add product lines that result all the bricks automation necessary to meet application required in the field of plastic materials, ovens, textile industry, ecc…

Highlighted Updates and New Features

Revo PN – Suitable to control Electric Heaters and IR Lamps in Industrial Heating Systems

MULTI-CHANNEL SCR POWER CONTOLLER. REVO PN MULTICHANNEL POWER CONTROLLERSIS DESIGNED ARE MANAGE HEATING SYSTEMS THAT USE ANY TYPE OF INFRARED LAMPS OR SIMPLE RESISTANCE HEATERS. This product meets modern connectivity needs REVO PN responds to the modern need for connectivity, data acquisition,monitoring and diagnostics of industrial plants through the most widely used field bus systems.It’s the ideal complement to your PLC / MULTILOOP for improved power control.

• Thyristor Units with high I2T • Communication
• 480V Max Voltage • Synchronizing Circuit
• Integrated Extra Rapid fuse • Digital Input and Relay Output

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Catalogo REVO C
Regolatore di Tempertura PID con SCR integrato
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