RMA – Returns Material Authorization

Customers wishing to return any items, whether they are incorrectly supplied, faulty or damaged in transit, must first complete a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) form to obtain an RMA number from the Service Department.

A full repair service is available for CD Automation customers. Prior to submitting the RMA form and returning products, customers are recommended to contact the technical support team to determine whether the issue can be resolved with telephone support.


1)Please send to us in advance the copy of the despatch document.

2)If the goods doesn’t has the despatch document (at the moment of delivery or is not received previously by mail) the shipment will be rejected.

How the RMA service works

When completing the RMA form, please be as specific as possible about the problem, including any pertinent application details. The more information given, the more quickly and more thoroughly the problem can be solved. The minimum information required is:

  1. The Full Model Number
  2. Quantity of units being returned
  3. The units Serial Number(s)
  4. A description of the problem ( “faulty” or “unknown” is not sufficient)

The RMA form is available at the bottom of this page.


The process for returning a product using the RMA form is as follows:

Step 1.

Once the RMA form has been completed and submitted online to the Service and Repair team, an email will be generated and sent to the customer (usually within 2/3 working days). The email will detail the RMA number that has been allocated together with a shipping label that should be printed and attached to the product(s) for return.

RMA numbers are valid 30 days. If the return is delayed beyond this time, a fresh RMA request must be made.


Step 2.

Once the product(s) has been received by the Service and Repair team an initial assessment will be carried out. This stage will investigate whether a fault exists and if so assess whether the fault is fixable. The time required to carry out the repair work will be determined and if a charge will apply then this will also be calculated. At this stage the initial feedback report containing the findings and quotation is emailed to the customer.
Please note: A Test & Inspection Charge (plus the return carriage costs) may be levied for any units returned where no fault is found or the malfunction is the result of incorrect configuration, even if the product is still under warranty. This charge may also apply if the customer decides not to proceed with a repair following quotation.


Step 3. 

A customer can then decide whether they would like to instruct the service team to proceed with repair and if required submit a purchase order for the work. In situations where a product is no longer under warranty a customer will be advised if it will be more cost effective to purchase a new product rather than to invest in repairing the existing product.


Step 4.

If instructed to proceed with the repair of the product then the service team will act accordingly and provide the unit back to the customer in the timeframe specified.

Repaired products will be tested, calibrated and cleaned. A written report will be included with the returned goods. This will indicate any faults found and the corrective actions that were taken. All works carried out and parts used are then warranted for 3 months.


Unsupported Products

CD Automation will support products for a minimum of 5 years following obsolescence of the model in question. We will endeavour to support products for longer than 5 years where parts availability will allow.

The following products can no longer be supported by CDAutomation and should not be returned. Assistance can be offered to specify a suitable modern replacement if required.

CD FOXCD2300CD2200

The following Series are not available, but can be substituted by other series that are compatible:

CD3000A 1-2-3PHCan be substituted with CD3000M 1-2-3PH
CD NEXT 1-2-3PHCan be substituted with REVO TC 1-2-3PH (special version wihout integrated fuse holder)
Fill in all fields and click on SEND button. If all fields will be exactly indicated we will send you the RMA number till 24 hours.



    Delivery Address if different

    Contact Name




    The following fields are mandatory and must be filled out in full for each instrument that you wish to return. If the details are in order, an RMA number will usually be sent to you within 1 working day of receipt. NOTE: Test and Inspection charge is applied for units returned if no fault is found


    Serial N.

    Fault Description ( “faulty” or “unknown” is not sufficient)

    Sending request for information or for quotation is equivalent to a conferment of agreement, optional but necessary, for the relative management and activities related. *

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