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    2. If you are not sure of the model but you have the product to be replaced: attach a photo of the label of the product(s) indicating Model and Serial Number.
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Download the PDF for SCR request, fill in and attach it to the form on this page, or provide us with the following information:

  • Power supply (Power supply voltage and frequency)
  • Power on the load in Kw
  • Number of Phases
  • Type of connection on the load
  • Type of signal on the input (eg SSR / 4-20mA etc.)
  • Type of firing
  • Type of control
  • Possible communication and type of Bus

In the case of Process Controller/Thermoregulator

  • Front or rear panel mounting
  • If case of front panel: Dimension of frame
  • Number of loops
  • Power supply 110 / 220Vac or 24Vdc
  • Type of input
  • Control output type (SSR, Relay, V, mA)
  • Cooling is required
  • Number of alarms
  • Interrupted load diagnostics
  • Type of communication
  • Number of Digital Inputs

You can also use this form to ask us for advice to identify the most suitable unit or units for its application.


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