Three Phase (3PH) 3-Leg

REVO S 3PH Thyristor Power Controller

  • From 30 up to 500A
  • Max. voltage 480V or 600V AC as option
  • Load type: Resistance, IR Lamp long and medium waveform
  • Inputs: SSR Std, 0:10V, 4:20mA and Heather Break alarm are options
  • Firing mode: Zero Crossing, Burst Firing available with analogue input only

REVO C 3PH – Revo Connect Universal SCR Power Controller Three Phases

Schema di collegamento del REVO C trifase

  • Phases: 3
  • Current Range form 30 to 800A.
  • Voltage Range 480V , 600V and 690V.
  • Inputs: 4:20mA , 0:10V, SSR and ModBus as std and different Field Bus Listed in the Product Coding
  • Firing mode:Burst Firing , Delayed Triggering and Phase Angle with or without Soft Start
  • Control Mode: Voltage,Current and Power or V2 and I2 with additional Transfer to VxI
  • USB: port integrated for configuration in safety mode (No Load and Auxiliary Voltage needed) Unit Powered Through USB
  • 100 KA: Short Circuit Current rating (SCCR) up to 600V
  • cUL and CE + EMC approved

Multidrive 3PH Thyristor Power Controller

  • From 45 up to 2700A
  • Max. voltage 480V or 600V & 690V AC as an option
  • Load type: Inductive Load, Transformer and MoSi2 element.
  • Inputs: SSR, 0:10V, 4:20mA, 10KPot and Communication Std.
  • Firing mode: Burst Firing, Delay Triggering + Burst Firing, Phase Angle + Soft Start
  • Current Limit is available with Phase Angle Firing
  • N°4 Retransmission are available plus IO

Custom 3PH 1100A to 2700A SCR Power Controller

  • Three phase thyristor: Unit from 1100 to 2700A
  • Suitable to drive: 3 phase loads at 480-600-690V with 3 phase controlled
  • Load type: Normal resistance, infrared long and medium
  • Inputs: SSR Standard, 0:10V, 4:20mA selectable
  • Firing mode: Zero Crossing and Burst Firing available with analog input and configurable from 1 to 255 cycles ON at 50% power demand

REVO TC 3PH – Temperature and Power Controller 3PH

  • Suitable for Normal Resistance
  • Three Phase 3PH (3-Leg) From 30A to 210A
  • Max. voltage 480V, 600Vac
  • Load type: Resistance
  • Inputs: Pt100, Thermo Couple, 0:10V, 4:20mA
  • Heather Break alarm options
  • Firing mode: Zero Crossing

REVO PC Reduce Power Peaks and Maximise your Savings

  • Suitable for Normal Resistance and IR Lamp
  • To be used with REVO S and REVO Sx
  • Firing Mode: SC, HC and Dynamic Burst Firing
  • Reduce Peak of Power and let you save Energy
  • Modbus RTU, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP and other fieldbus
  • Heather Break Alarm

Revo PN – Suitable to control Electric Heaters and IR Lamps in Industrial Heating Systems

  • Modules of 12 or 24 zones already divided into three phases or one phase from 4 to 24 zones
  • Logic input SSR 7 ÷ 30Vdc 9mA Max (ON ≥7Vdc OFF < 6Vdc)
  • L1 - L2 - L3 Power Input 370 - 480V
  • Nominal current in continuous service Max 25A for each load
  • Max peak current (10ms) 700A
  • Nominal Voltage range Ue 24 - 600V
  • Isolation Voltage Ui 2500Vac
  • N° 8 out SSR + CT input Option T digit 16 on ordring code

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