Modularity:3, 6 or 9
Loop for branch:24
Inputs:TC, Analog
Type: PID Hot / Cold
Logic Output:SSR
Relay Output:Yes
Analog Output:No
Communication:Modbus RTU or TCP, Profinet or Ethernet IP
Approvals: CE / UKCA
Load: Electric
Logic Functions: No
Energy Management: Yes
Integrated Power: No
Current Range: No
Load Diagnostic: Standard

General Details


Multi Zone PID Controller

Each basic module is capable of managing three single (heat) or dual (heat/cool) zones.
Heating is managed via logic outputs connected to external drive units, that allow the control of electric heaters.

  • RT Loop can work independently or connected with a PLC. It has been designed to replace traditional panel-mount controllers or to replace PLC PID loops.
  • RT Loop consists of one or more control modules, each equipped with communication ports.
    Each module can manage 3 to 9 loops, depending on the number of control cards contained within it, with the possibility of combining different types of modules.
  • With RT Loop, 24 loops takes up only 348mm in width.
  • Via integrated communication ports or external termination modules, the most popular communication protocols are supported: ModBus RTU, ProfiNet, ModBus TCP, Ethernet IP.
  • EMC compliant.
  • Up to 24 zones per branch with Fieldbus or 90 zones with Modbus RTU communication.

This series is suitable for industrial applications in the following areas:

  • Packaging machines
  • Plastic industry applications (extruders and extrusion lines, extrusion heads and control units for hot runner dies)
  • Multi-zone ovens
  • Furnaces with medium and long wave infrared lamps
  • Drying processes with infrared lamps


Main features of the control board

The multi-zone RT Loop system has been developed specifically for temperature control using electric heating elements.
It is a modular system, where each module contains one or more 3-loop control boards.
Each control board includes:

  • 3 process inputs configurable as thermocouple or analogue
  • 3 SSR outputs for controlling external REVO S static units, for heating control.
  • 3 Current sensor inputs for heater break alarm.
  • 4 Relays used for alarm or cooling output
  • 1 Relay used for start function.
  • 1 Digital input

In addition to the standard control functions, each board has advanced functions such as:

  • Soft start
  • Energy optimisation function, called “ECO”
  • Load break diagnostics
  • WatchDog on serial communication
  • Autotuning
  • 100ms sampling time
  • Several types of process alarms available

Examples of Modbus RTU systems:

N°24 Zones – Modbus RTU

N°30 Zones – Modbus RTU

Code / Size

Control Modules with Modbus RTU communication

Order Code

Size and Dimensions


-Contains one board of three loops
-For a total of three loops
-Dimensions: H 146mm, W 40mm, D 110mm


-Contains two boards of three loops
-For a total of six loops
-Dimensions: H 174mm, W 116mm, D 103mm


-Contains three boards of three loops
-For a total of nine loops
-Dimensions: H 174mm, W 116mm, D 103mm

Control Modules with integrated Ethernet Port

Order Code

Size and Dimensions


-Contains one board of three loops
-For a total of three loops
-Dimensions: H 174mm, W 116mm, D 103mm


-Contains two board of three loops
-For a total of six loops
-Dimensions: H 174mm, W 116mm, D 103mm

Fieldbus and Communication Terminal unit module

Order Code




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