RMA – Return Material Authorization


If it is necessary to return non-functioning material, damaged during use, non-compliant and / or with defects / damage caused by transport to CD Automation, we kindly ask you to fill in the attached RMA form.

Before sending the RMA form and returning the products, we kindly ask you to contact us as sometimes the problem can be solved by telephone supported by our technical assistance service.


1)Please send us in advance via email a copy of the delivery note

2)If we receive the unit without the attached delivery note, or the document has not been sent in advance by email, the shipment will be rejected.

3)In case of returning Fuji or West temperature controllers, please call your sales representative before completing the form and sending the temperature controller.

  1. How the RMA service works

    How the RMA service works 

    Fill in the RMA form as detailed as possible, describing the problem encountered on the product and the cases in which it occurs. The essential information we need are the following:

    • The model code
    • The number of devices returned
    • The serial number of the device (s)
    • A detailed description of the problem (it is not enough to write “failure”):
      the more information we have, the faster the repair / replacement process will be.


    Step 1.

    After completing and sending the RMA form to our assistance, you will be sent an email containing the assigned RMA number. This RMA number must be indicated in the transport document and attached to the shipping documents.

    The RMA number is valid for 30 days. If this deadline has expired, it will be necessary to request a new RMA number.


    Step 2.

    The products received by our assistance will be immediately tested. At this stage it will be determined if there is a real defect, and if it can be fixed. Based on this analysis, a cost estimate for the repair will be estimated and notified to you by email.

    Note: For devices returned where no defect has been found or where the malfunction is due to an incorrect configuration, you will be charged an additional cost even if the product is still covered by warranty. If the customer decides not to carry out the repair indicated in the quote, the cost of the fault verification activity carried out by our assistance will still be charged. In the event that a product is out of warranty, you will be informed of the possible possibility of purchasing a new device to evaluate its convenience compared to the cost of repair.


    Step 3. 

    Once you have received the repair estimate, you will need to proceed with the repair or not by sending us an order.


    Step 4.

    Once the repair order has been received, our team will proceed with the intervention within the times established and indicated in the estimate.

    The repaired products will be tested, calibrated and reconditioned. A written report indicating any anomalies found and corrective actions carried out will be attached to the returned goods. The parts replaced and the works carried out will have a 3-month warranty.

  2. Products no longer supported


    Products no longer supported

    CD Automation will support its discontinued products for a further 5 years, in addition to which, depending on the availability of components, it will notify you of the possibility of carrying out repairs.

    Our technicians are at your disposal to help you replace the discontinued units with the new product lines, indicating the highest compatibility models.

    The products listed below are no longer supported by CD Automation:

    CD FOX CD2300 CD2200
    CD2100 CD2000

    The following Series are no longer available but can be replaced by our other compatible products:

    CD3000A 1-2-3PH Can be replaced by the REVEX or REVO C 1-2-3PH
    CD3000M 1-2-3PH Can be replaced by the REVEX or REVO C 1-2-3PH
    REVO M 1-2-3PH Can be replaced by the REVEX or REVO C 1-2-3PH
    REVO CL Can be replaced by the REVEX or REVO C 1PH
    CD NEXT 1-2-3PH Can be replaced by COMPACT + REVO S or REVO RT
    REVO TC 1-2-3PH Can be replaced by COMPACT + REVO S or REVO RT
    REVO E / CD3000E Can be replaced by REVO C 2-3PH
    MULTIDRIVE Can be replaced by REVO C 2-3PH

Sending RMA through SERVICE Portal

If you are already our customer, you have the possibility to access your support portal in which quickly enter your RMA request .

If you do not have the credentials, please fill out the form at this LINK , and in the description of the ticket insert “ Access to Portal Request “.
Always check junk mail (spam) to avoid losing the email containing the required credentials.



Sending RMAs by filling in the FORM

Fill out the form and click on the SEND button. If all information is filled in correctly we will send you the RMA number within 24 hours. 

If the shipping address is different from the company address, please also fill in the fields below
Please enter the data of the person who we can possibly contact in case of further information. Thank you

The following fields are mandatory and must be completed for each unit to be checked. If the data indicated is correct, the number will be sent to you. of RMA to enable the return of materials.

WARNING! “Defective” or “not working” is not enough! Indicate what has happened, why you assume the unit is not working, any warning lights, short circuits in the system, anything that may help our technical service to understand whether the unit is repairable or not.
Attaching images relating to the unit gives us the opportunity to make a first visual inspection and then to notify you in time if we find that the unit is not repairable.

Wait for a confirmation message after clicking Send

Sending the request for information / quotation is equivalent to granting consent, optional but necessary, for its management and related activities. *

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