Technical Specifications
    Power controller 3 PID zones up to 90A
  • 3 Control loops in the same unit
  • Load monitoring and alarms
  • Integrated SSR
  • Up to 90A per channel
  • Integrated high-speed fuses (standard)
  • Data always available via Fieldbus
  • Reduction of wiring and spaces

General Details


3-zone PID power controller up to 90A

The REVO RT is a compact power controller unit, which integrates inside a single phase static group for each loop for control of the electrical power.

Each unit manages 3 independent control loops. The unit can be purchased with the diagnostic functions for the load and for the SCRs. In this case there is a amperometric transformer for each channel.

Each power channel is always equipped with extra rapid fuses .

The power inside the unit, current transformer and extra rapid fuses in a single unit save a considerable space inside the panel and time for wiring .

Available in the following currents: 35, 50, 75 and 90A with maximum voltages 480V and 600V.

Why the modularity 3 is better than 4?

CD Automation wants to propose an approach that focuses designers on the need to better balance the loads on the three phases. When it is possible, it is always better to balance the three phases. This is often difficult with a modularity 4 or 8 zones, which push the designer not to balance the three phases to avoid adding other modules that are underused.

For those applications that necessarily have to use four zones, CD Automation also offers the RT2 two thermoregulation zone model, which has an additional input that can be used for a safety measurement or for measuring the Melt pressure in extruders for plastic materials.

Synchronization, with a 3 zone single phase unit, can be achieved with extreme precision:
The ECO function distributes the power during regulation (< 33%) in the set cycle time, this help to avoid all the three loops demanding max power output at the same time. The microprocessor provides a series of configuration and diagnostic parameters, including the current absorbed by the loads, the operating status of the zones, the situation of the alarms, etc.

Microprocessor – Special functions

ECO function

The ECO function distributes the power during regulation (< 33%) in the set cycle time.

Soft Start

To avoid thermal shocks to the heating parts, it limits the output power in a certain period of time, or makes a ramp to the set point when the regulation is activated.

Auto Tuning

Automatic calculation of the Tuning parameters, with mode adaptive or single.

Ready to Go

When all temperatures reach a predefined absolute threshold, a contact is closed to enable the extruder to start.

Ready for Industry 4.0

The choice of Modbus RTU as standard communication protocol on the unit is due to the great ease of interfacing with HMI operator panels, PLCs, industrial PCs and other units present on the system which in most cases are already equipped with this communication standard.

Through the use of the TU-RS termination unit it is possible to connect the REVO RT with some of the most common field buses on systems including PROFINET , PROFIBUS DP , EtherNet/IP™, Modbus TCP .

The unit is plug and play because it is configured by us according to the specific needs of each customer.

Simple and intuitive configuration

The unit is configured through a USB port on the front of the instrument and a very simple and intuitive software through which it is also possible to record and download standard configurations.

Code / Size

REVO RT 2 channels – Order Code

REVO RT 3 channels – Order Code

Communication Module – Order Code

REVO RT – Size and Dimensions




The configuration is done via a normal USB 2.0 cable – male A type to male Micro-B ( Order code if you buy it from us: USBMA-20-USBMMB ) and through a free configuration software that can be downloaded here:

ThyristorConfigurator V6.0.3.6

Thyristor configurator software
REVO C 1/2/3 PH,

28.0 MiB




File GSD (General Station Description File) PROFIBUS configuration

11 KiB


File GSDML (General Station Description File) PROFINET configuration

85 KiB

Configurabilità del REVO ConnectFAST TUNE

The all new powerful Thyristor Configurator Software allows
you to configure all CD Automation products quickly and easily by using the FAST MODE. Simply select your application and the load type picture appears automatically, providing a list of suggested parameter settings. Depending on your application requirements, you can accept or make manual adjustments and when ready, download direct to the thyristor unit.

Configurabilità del REVO Connect

The TEST page is very useful when installing & commissioning
CD Automation products as well as finding process issues or fine tuning at a later stage. You can read, write, enable and disable key values and parameters to test your load. Examples include; reading voltage, current and power values, or current limit status, changing input types between analog or SSR, control (feedback) modes V, I and VxI, or select firing types half cycle, single cycle, burst firing, delayed triggering, phase angle and soft start. The new ‘Load Analyzer’ (a small oscilloscope) can be activated from this page, see below.

Analizzatore del Carico

Provides real-time information of the output waveform, where
you can select up to 10 process variables to help the operator determine if the waveform is in line with process expectations. Also useful for trouble shooting.


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