Modularity:2 and 4
Loop for Branch:64
Input: TC, RTD and Analog
Type:PID Hot / Cold
Logic Output:Yes
Relay output:Yes
Analog Output:Option
Communication:Modbus RTU
Approvals:CE / UKCA / cUL US
Load:Electric / Gas
Logic functions:No
Energy management:No
Integrated power:No
Current Range:No
Load diagnostic:Option

General Details

Fuji PUM

Multi-loop module type Temperature controller

The Fuji PUM Modular Multi-loop Controller can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from packaging, plastics extrusion, multi-zone ovens, bio-medical, climatic chambers, remote temperature measurement, heat treatment:

  • PID Control (fuzzy PID),
  • Dual PID Control (heating, cooling)

The structure of the modules is designed for easy assembly and maintenance. The ease with which terminals can be attached and detached greatly reduces wiring work. The area can be easily and physically located.


Main features of the Fuji PUM Modular Multi-loop Controller:

  • The Adjustment Modules can live Independently or Connected on the Base Plate.
  • Each zone can be Single or Double Intervention.
  • PUM A Four-Zone Module with Four SSR/Relay Outputs/4:20mA
  • PUM B Two-Zone Module SSR/Relay/4:20mA
  • PUM E Module with No. 8 DO/Relay and No. 8 DI for additional alarms or to realise double intervention zones if PUM A and B outputs are not sufficient.
  • Universal and PID inputs with auto tune.
  • Possibility of adding alarms or expanding.
  • Free software.
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • Up to N°64 loops without the need for a termination unit in Modbus RTU.
  • Possibility of using proprietary Profibus DP module.
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP communication and Sequencer functions with TU-RS485-ETH-IO-DL module.
  • Ready-to-use Solution: Operator Panel + Software.


Documents and Software
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