General Details

3 Phase Diode Bridge

Horizon for diode high current bridge

General description

  • All circuit board, fuses and thyristor can be inspected on opening front door
  • Internal fixed fuses are standard with relay contact output for fuse failure
  • Current transformer integrated (option)
  • Special design for heat sink with very high dissipation value and cooling tunnel
  • Easy for use with diagnostic and wiring diagram on front unit
  • Modular Aluminium structure and copper parts treated against oxidation
  • Comply with EMC
  • Panel mounting



Maintainability in function

These are our targets:

  • Each phase can be substituded by front unit by technician just removing 4 screw without the help of forklift
    The average weight of phase is 16kg
    Time required to substitute one phase no more than 10 minutes
  • Plant downtime not more than 10 minutes, vital for important process
  • When the operator replaces one phase, all the auxiliary connection are plug in
  • This allow to be faster and avoid mistakes in wiring

Code / Size

Oder Code

Size and Dimensions

Width: 632 mm, Depth: 347 mm, Height: 730 mm, Weight: 86/110 Kg




3PH Ponte raddrizzatore diodi flyerVolantino Datasheet per Ponte raddrizzatore Diodi – ItalianoITA


3PH Diode Bridge flyerDatasheet flyer for 3 Phase Diode Bridge – EnglishENG

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