• Terminal Unit for Simplificated wiring of Heater Break Option
  • Available for REVO SSR up to 40A and Revo SSR
  • Push Button and DI for HB tuning

REVO TU is a Terminal Units for Flat Cable Wiring that allow you to save wiring time and cost.Flat Cable wiring is an Option available with the following units:

  • REVO S 1-2-3PH (30,35 and 40A) With Heater Break Alarm
  • REVO SSR with Heater Break Alarm
  • REVO SSR Analog with Heater Break Alarm

The REVO S/SSR units must have: “X” on the Digit number: “12” to allow flat wiring system.

This wiring solution let you save:

  • N°2 Wires per Units for the Aux Power Supply (necessary with HB Alarm or Analogue Input Option).
  • N°2 Wires per Unit to Collect Common HB Alarm Output.
  • N°2 Wires per Unit to Activate Calibration from the Integrated Push Button or DI.

Screw Terminal Blocks for External Power Supply, Common Digital Input and Common Relay Output.

Frontal Push Button For Calibration of all the units.

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