CD Automation unit with Siemens PLC connectivity via TIA Portal

Software libraries for data exchange with our products

Industrial equipment is increasingly interconnected with each other, and to do so they use communication protocols from the simplest to the most complex, typically over serial communication or Ethernet.

For this reason CD Automation has implemented systems to be able to connect its power controllers and static relays with the most popular industrial communication systems, in particular with Siemes PLCs.

Specifically, we have developed Profinet, Modbus/TCP and Modbus RTU protocols.

After listening to the needs of our customers, software libraries have been developed and made available that contain most of the reported needs, such as simplicity, speed of implementation and replicability .

The use of these libraries has many advantages, including:

  • Specialized function blocks for each protocol
  • Variables already named, the same for all blocks and with the same data formatting
  • Sample project ready to use

With these libraries it is possible to communicate with a few clicks while always maintaining the same data structure, with the following protocols:

  • Profinet on ethernet network
  • Modbus/TCP over ethernet network
  • Modbus RTU on RS485 network

In this way, it becomes much easier for both experienced and less experienced staff to interface with our systems


  • TIA Portal from version 16 .
  • Siemens CPU 1200 or 1500 series.
  • Verify that when the Modbus RTU protocol is used, the appropriate Siemens CM PtP RS482 / RS485 board must be installed on the PLC.

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