Type:Power controller
Current Range: 30A - 280A
Max Voltage:480V, 600V
Approvals: CE / UKCA / EAC
Load:Resistive / Inductive / IRSW / MoSi2 / SiC

General Details


The REVO on demand – Innovation in Power Control

REVEX 1PH is a fully configurable single phase power controller. If you don’t need features, delete them, so you’ll get an immediate cut on the cost of the unit.

  • Load type: Normal Resistance, Infrared Short, Medium and Long, Transformer Primary, Cold resistance and SiC elements
  • Inputs: 4:20mA, 0:10V, SSR and ModBus as std.
  • Firing mode: Single cycle, Half cycle, Burst, Phase Angle, Delayed Triggering, different types of adjustable ramp
  • Control Mode: Voltage, Current and Power or V2 and I2 with additional Transfer to VxI
  • Communication RS485 with Modbus® protocol std.
  • Two Analog input
  • Two digital inputs
  • USB: Port integrated for configuration in safety mode (No Load and Auxiliary Voltage needed) Unit Powered Through USB
  • With the units already programmed you can simply switch On and Go


  • All options are shown below with the relevant model code
  • HB Alarm to diagnose partial or Total Load Failure and Thyristor Short Circuit


REVEX 1PH – Choose an Option to save money!!!

Select an option to eliminate what you don’t need. Build your cheaper solution selecting one of the following options!

N option you want removed
Y It serves my project
(*1) Full price includes Fuses on all sizes with exclusion of 30-35-40A units


REVEX offers total software and hardware flexibility

Available in a multitude of configurations:

• 16 different Modes for 1 Phase Units
• 8 different modes for 2 and 3 Phase Units

REVEX: superb flexibility in software and hardware

• Build your unit in line with Process Demand
• Typical examples shown below
• Field Bus available
• Modbus communication as standard

1 Phase Power Control units in 30, 35 & 40A sizes with and without front panel display.
Version without display can be programmed via the USB port.

Shown are 1, 2 or 3 Phase Power Control units in 60 and 90A sizes.

Available with or without fuses on the 60A and 90A units.


Code / Size

REVEX 1PH – Order Code

REVEX order Code

REVEX 1PH – Size & Dimensions

SW / Comm

Now available Siemens TIA Portal Libraries. Click here for more info.
*only for RS485 connection


Free Software to configure REVEX Unit:

The configuration is done via a normal USB 2.0 cable – male A type to male Micro-B (Order code if you buy it from us: USBMA-20-USBMMB) and through a free configuration software available at the link below.
The USB port on the front of the unit allows the configuration of REVEX in a simple and safe way since the unit is powered by the USB port itself (load and auxiliary voltage not necessary).


Thyristor Configurator Configurator Software REVEX 1/2/3PH, REVEX PA, REVO C 1/2/3PH, REVO PC v2, REVO PN v2, REVO PB, REVO RT/RTL, COMPACT, REVO TH


Communication Manuals:
TU-RS485-PDP_RVX14 – Addendum: REVEX Profibus for 14 Thyristor units Manual
TU-RS485-PNTxRVXxx – Addendum: REVEX Profinet for 14 Thyristor units Manual
Manual for REVEX Serial Communication


PLC Files:

Please select the Communication Module

Configurabilità del REVO ConnectFAST TUNE

The all new powerful Thyristor Configurator Software allows
you to configure all CD Automation products quickly and easily by using the FAST MODE. Simply select your application and the load type picture appears automatically, providing a list of suggested parameter settings. Depending on your application requirements, you can accept or make manual adjustments and when ready, download direct to the thyristor unit.

Configurabilità del REVO Connect

The TEST page is very useful when installing & commissioning
CD Automation products as well as finding process issues or fine tuning at a later stage. You can read, write, enable and disable key values and parameters to test your load. Examples include; reading voltage, current and power values, or current limit status, changing input types between analog or SSR, control (feedback) modes V, I and VxI, or select firing types half cycle, single cycle, burst firing, delayed triggering, phase angle and soft start. The new ‘Load Analyzer’ (a small oscilloscope) can be activated from this page, see below.

Analizzatore del Carico

Provides real-time information of the output waveform, where
you can select up to 10 process variables to help the operator determine if the waveform is in line with process expectations. Also useful for trouble shooting.

Registrazione della Variabile di Processo del REVO ConnectPROCESS VARIABLE LOGGING

In REVO C Storage: 16GB SD Memory Card with programmable
Logging Intervals. Estimated storing 10 years. On other CD Automation Products the logging intervals are a fix value.


REVEX 1PH – Documentation




Ita-REVEX-1PH-120-210AManuale d’uso REVEX 1PH da 120 a 210A (M-RX1-120-210)ITA
Ita-REVEX-1PH-280AManuale d’uso REVEX 1PH 280A (M-RX1-280)ITA
Ita-REVEX-1PH-30-40AManuale d’uso REVEX 1PH da 30 a 40A (M-RX1-30-40)ITA
Ita-REVEX-1PH-60-90AManuale d’uso REVEX 1PH da 60 a 90A (M-RX1-60-90)ITA


Eng-REVEX-1PH-120-210AUser Manual REVEX 1PH from 120 to 210A (M-RX1-120-210)ENG
Eng-REVEX-1PH-280AUser Manual REVEX 1PH 280A (M-RX1-280)ENG
Eng-REVEX-1PH-30-40AUser Manual REVEX 1PH from 30 to 40A (M-RX1-30-40)ENG
Eng-REVEX-1PH-60-90AUser Manual REVEX 1PH from 60 to 90A (M-RX1-60-90)ENG




GER-REVEX-1PH-120-210AHandbuch REVEX 1PH von 120 bis 210A (M-RX1-120-210)GER
GER-REVEX-1PH-280AHandbuch REVEX 1PH 280A (M-RX1-280)GER
GER-REVEX-1PH-30-40AHandbuch REVEX 1PH von 30 bis 40A (M-RX1-30-40)GER
GER-REVEX-1PH-60-90AHandbuch REVEX 1PH von 60 bis 90A (M-RX1-60-90)GER

3D Model

Size: SR6
Size: SR15
Size: S10
Size: SR24
Size: SR25

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