Schema di collegamento del REVO C trifase

  • Load type: Normal Resistance,Infrared Short,Medium and Long,Transformar Primary using Phase Angle
  • Inputs: 4:20mA , 0:10V, SSR and ModBus as std and different Field Bus Listed in the Product Coding
  • Firing mode:Burst Firing , Delayed Triggering and Phase Angle with or without Soft Start
  • Control Mode: Voltage,Current and Power or V2 and I2 with additional Transfer to VxI
  • USB: port integrated for configuration in safety mode (No Load and Auxiliary Voltage needed) Unit Powered Through USB
  • 100 KA: Short Circuit Current rating (SCCR) up to 600V
  • cUL and CE + EMC approved
  • Energy Totalizer
  • Data Logging
  • Wi-Fi
  • HB Alarm to diagnostic partial or Total Load Failure and Thyristor Short Circuit

REVO C 3PH – Revo Connect

Universal SCR Power Controller 3ph

Tech Specs

Catalogo REVO Connect

It is an high reliability Universal SCR Power Controller that has an advanced microprocessor that makes it universal and fully configurable via software. Particular attention has been gived to the Connectivity with the most popular Field Bus and to the unit management via Wi-Fi (optional) and CD Automation Smartphone APP.

  • REVO Connect is fully Software configurable.
  • Currente Rating 30 to 700A for 1-2 Phase unit and up to 500A for 3Phase Unit.
  • Voltage Range 480V , 600V and 690V (nella versione da 300A).
  • CE-EMC and cUL 508 Listed.
  • Universal Input: The std analog inputs 4:20mA and 0:10V and SSR Configurable via Software.
  • All types of firing mode Half Cycle, Single Cycle, Burst Firing, Delayed Triggering Phase Angle and Soft Start.
  • OLED display on front Unit: This display give better operator interface and delivers use-friendly intuitive messages.
  • Universal Control Mode: Current, Voltage, Power, Open Loop.
  • Integrated Data Logging with Storage:xxGB SD Memory Card with programmable Logging Intervals.
  • High precision measurement (True RMS Value for V,I and VxI) ≤1%
  • Integrate Fuse: This reduce labor and space and gives the possibility to use a part of fan cooling air to reduce the temperature of semiconductor fuses and reduce the mounting space
    inside the cabinet.
  • Greater protection in case of Short Circuit : 100 KA Short Circuit Current rating (SCCR) up to 600V.
  • Generous sizing of Thyristors and Thermal Parts using hight efficency Heatsink.
  • Wide range of communication protocols: Control board has been engineered to plug on it different Field Bus boards.
  • WiFi is a low cost option and we suggest to use it to make possible the Smart Phone support because you can have many functions like Alarm Overview, Configuration via Icon. Remote Service and read out for each REVO C inside the cabinet Voltage,
    Current and Power
  • USB device on front unit for configuration: Standard easily and safety normally used to configure the REVO C Eliminate the
    user having to work in a high voltage environment because the unit is powered through USB connection.
  • Energy Counter Totalizer: This is available as an option and can be useful to define the cost per hour of heating system.
  • Special Algorithm for Short Wave form IR Lamp using half cycle to minize the flickering In addition a special soft start curve.
  • Automatic Selection of the configuration as a function
    of wiring and load type: This feature is a big help for operator because we give you a recipe suggestion based on wiring and type of load. The selection is done via Icon available on Smart Phone or on Configuration Software.
  • Fully compatible with REVO M and REVO CL serie: This is an important Feature because allows to substitute old REVO with REVO C The number of terminal blocks is the same to facilitate the substitution.
  • Integrate Load Analyzer: This is an important Feature that can help the operator for troubleshooting problems. This is a Real Wave Form Load Monitoring.
  • Free configuration Software: A very easy and Powerful Configurator Software is availble Free of Charge on
  • HB and Sc Alarm for Partial or Total Load Failure and Short Circuit on SCR with Electromechanical Relay output 1A at 30 Vdc or 0,5A at 125 Vac.

With REVO C you will never be alone – CD Automation will give you all your support around the world with an innovative remote service system through a free application to install on your smartphone

A wide range of communication protocols are available, including: Modbus RTU, Ethernet TCP, Profibus, Profinet, WiFi, and the USB port for data transfer.

Revo Connect Connectivity


revo connect cd automation LOGO
The WiFi is a not expensive option that allow you to configure the unit through your Smartphone, monitoring the alarm status, and many other features including Remote Service
DOWNLOAD FREE CD Automation APP IN THE STORE Google and Apple

Configurabilità del REVO ConnectFAST TUNE

Here are represented few pages of the Thyristor Configurator. The page on the left is used to configure all CD Automation products in FAST MODE. On left side there are all the wiring used. The operator selects the application and declares the Type of Load that appears automatically (see the example where you can select Normal Resistance, Infrared Medium and long or Short Infrared waveform). When this selection is done on the right appears the recipe. Before to Down Load the operator can Change the Recipe parameter.

Configurabilità del REVO Connect

This page of Thyristor Configurator is very useful and can be used to test all CD Automation Products. On it is possible to read and to write and to select: Voltage, Current and Power Read Out, Input Signal analog or SSR,
Control Mode Selection V,I and VxI. Firing Types: Half Cycle, Single Cycle, Burst Firing, Delayed Triggering Phase Angle and Soft Start Current Limit Status and Setted value. On this page it is possible to activate “ Load Analizer “ that is very usefull and is as a small Oscilloscope where is possible to see the output wave form (Up to ten Variable).

Analizzatore del Carico

On this page the operator can select and Analize up to 10 process variable. This feature is very important because the operator can verify if the waveform is in line with its expectations. In addition this Feature is very useful also for Trouble Shooting.

Registrazione della Variabile di Processo del REVO ConnectPROCESS VARIABLE LOGGING

In REVO C Storage: xxGB SD Memory Card with programmable Logging Intervals. On other CD Automation Products the open window for logging is a Fix internal value.


Schema di collegamento del REVO C trifase

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