Technical Specifications
    Three-zone SCR power regulator with power optimization algorithm
  • 3 independent power controllers in one compact product
  • Process data always available via fieldbus
  • Front LEDs for simplified diagnostics
  • Monitoring of RMS voltage, current and power
  • Integrated USB and RS485 port
  • Reduction of cabling and space used

General Details


Three one phase SCR power controller with power optimization algorithm

REVO PB allows you to reduce the costs of electricity in industrial thermal processes.

REVO PB is able to optimize your industrial electric heating systems and make your production processes more flexible.

With traditional heating systems based on resistors and multi-zone power controllers, when you turn on the load you have a great impact on the peak absorption and when you modulate the load to keep the temperature constant you introduce a lot of disturbances into the electrical network.

This leads to possible malfunctions of the electronic control and penal systems by the energy supplier.

REVO PB power controllers are among the latest in the REVO family expanding REVO PN Family up to 90 A per channel.

This is the ideal unit in cases where it is necessary to control and optimize the power. Its optimization algorithm, like an orchestra conductor, distributes the required power of the individual zones while keeping the total power absorbed on the line as constant as possible.

The power fed into the grid without synchronization looks a lot like a raging river. REVO PB distributes the power demand of the individual zones, maintaining more regular absorption and feeding constant power to the grid, without continuous power peaks.

In multizone applications, this brings several benefits:
– A power factor close to 1
– Power peaks are avoided that lead to exceeding the power contractually established with the utility that supplies energy.
– Stress to all electronic components is avoided by extending the useful life of resistors, power units, wires and potential damage to the system is avoided by reducing the probability of machine downtime.

REVO PB Power Network 3 channels

REVO PB is a multi-channel power unit, specifically designed for multi-zone industrial applications. A basic system consists of a single three-channel module, having the same single-phase connection. Using at least three REVO PB modules for a total of 9 power channels it is possible to balance all three phases. For example: N ° 3 Phase R – Phase S Channels; N ° 3 Phase S – Phase T channels and N ° 3 Phase R – Phase T channels.

At every channel/zone it is possible to connect a single phase load of maximum 35A / 50A / 75A / 90A with a connection Phase – Phase or Phase – Neutral.

For every zone :

• Max voltage 480V and 600V up to 90A
• Communication: RS485 Modbus
• Thyristor unit with high I2T
• Synchronization circuit
• Integrated extra fast fuses
• Digital input and relay output
• High precision current transducer
• HB alarm

Power Network Quality

The insertion of unsynchronized loads on the power line can cause disturbances, such as fluctuations in the mains voltage (flickering), mains holes and losses on the power cables. With the insertion of the algorithm the harmonic components are significantly reduced.

Harmonic component

The management and insertion of unsynchronized loads can lead to an increase in the generated harmonic component (THD). This effect increases losses, generates noise and can generate overheating of power cables.

Even with Zero Crossing firing and discontinuous operation the harmonic components can reach important values.

Optimization of energy costs

Thanks to its control strategy and thanks to the distribution of the power required in the management of multizone loads, REVO PB keeps the Power Factor values close to 1.
A low Power Factor, a high waveform distortion and an increase in harmonic components lead to an increase in the costs of energy consumed.
With the inclusion of the Power optimization algorithm , a reduction in the costs of energy consumed is obtained.

Ready for Industry 4.0

The choice of Modbus RTU as standard communication protocol on the unit is due to the great ease of interfacing with HMI operator panels, PLCs, industrial PCs and other units present on the system which in most cases are already equipped with this communication standard.

Through the use of the TU-RS termination unit it is possible to connect the REVO RT with some of the most common field buses on systems including PROFINET , PROFIBUS DP , EtherNet / IP & # x2122; , Modbus TCP .

The unit is plug and play because it is configured by us according to the specific needs of each customer.

Simple and intuitive configuration

The unit is configured through a USB port on the front of the instrument and a very simple and intuitive software through which it is also possible to record and download standard configurations.

Code / Size

REVO PB – Order Code

Communication Module – Order Code

REVO PB – Size and Dimensions


Configuration Software REVO PB:

ThyristorConfigurator V6.0.3.6

Thyristor configurator software
REVO C 1/2/3 PH,

28.0 MiB

GSD e GSDM files for Profibus and Profinet:


File GSD (General Station Description File) PROFIBUS configuration

11 KiB


File GSDML (General Station Description File) PROFINET configuration

85 KiB

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