Cd Automation Power Regulator compatible with 7100A

Are you looking for 7300A replacement?

Choose Revo M 100% Compatible and 200% Friendly.


xyz cd3000e-3ph-35A revo-m-3ph_60A-210A
up to 40 A
CD3000E 3ph
up to 45 A
REVO-M 3ph
up to 40 A
Height (mm) 220 316 121
Depth (mm) 239 187 185
Width (mm) 96 116 144
xyz revo-m-1ph_60A-210A revo-m-1ph_60A-210A
up to 80 A
CD3000E 3ph
up to 75 A
REVO-M 3ph
up to 90 A
Height (mm) 305 316 273
Depth (mm) 372 187 170
Width (mm) 144 116 186
xyz revo-m-1ph_60A-210A revo-m-1ph_280A
up to 160 A
CD3000E 3ph
up to 150 A
REVO-M 3ph
up to 150 A
Height (mm) 498 440 273
Depth (mm) 372 270 170
Width (mm) 144 137 279



Phase Angle

Burst Firing

Single Cycle

Universal Input

Easy to configure

* Frontal Keypad (REVO M only)

* Configurator Software

Integrated Fuse and Current Transformer
(REVO M only)

Feedback V, I, VxI

Heather Break Alarm opt.

Fast Quotation


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CD3000E has Current Limit Option. Do you need it also on REVO family?

See REVO-CL with REVO-M’s features plus Current Limit


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